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It’s been nearly three centuries since the Salem Witch trials tore innocent lives apart and even now, in the 21st century, there are those that possess the innate magic who are still threatened by the danger of extinction. A school— Miss Robichaux's Academy— has opened its doors in New Orleans to teach the young witches of our generation the ways of magic and protection. There they are taught how to veil themselves from the elusive hunters and society who would rather see them burned at the stake just like their ancestors than perform magic in relative peace.
With vampires, witches and werewolves banding together to fight the new menace of hunters invading New Orleans, what will the price of peace and freedom be? And who will survive?
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 Could you switch out one of the premade characters FC for Cara Loren

We would definitely have to talk about that, but come off anon and we’ll see what we can do.

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April Castillo - Thirty-three - Voodoo Witch - FC: Zoe Saldana - TAKEN OC

Employment: Hairdresser at Marie Laveau’s Salon


Necromancy, Conjuration 


 April is a confident woman who doesn’t allow any single person to tell her that she shouldn’t be. Though in the beginning April was incredibly quiet, never much standing up for herself or anything for that matter.  Due to a lack of much ability to stand up for herself she was easy to push around and entered many bad relationships because of it which ended out with her on her own and afraid. After spending a lot of her life timid and afraid that all changed when her mother finally told her of their abilities when she was eighteen. Suddenly April’s life was different because she was powerful. She had a list of abilities she could use to defend herself and now she was a new woman. She will let nobody tell her she can’t do anything because she is a powerful voodoo witch and anyone who calls her anything less can and will be proven otherwise. 

Personality Traits: 

+ Brave, Powerful, Able
- Cocky, Cutthroat, Distant


As a child April had never been much of anything. Her mother was a woman of class who spent most of her time out with the other women and left April to her own. Growing up incredibly timid all the witch had ever been taught from her mother was to do whatever you could to make people like you. Every night she would watch her mother wear fake jewels and almost designer clothing to go out with the ladies, dressing much richer than she was to fit in. April decided for herself that she would not try as hard as her mother, she wanted people to like her for who she was, though she wasn’t entirely sure who that was. The young girl realized people liked having a friend who would stay quiet, who would listen while they spoke and lead the way. People wanted to be leaders. So the young witch remained quiet as she hung around with the most pretty girls in school, their silent shadow.
In high school she was taught over and over that nobody likes a girl who is confident, who believes in herself. She forced herself to believe she was imperfect to a point her beliefs became real and the girl learned to hate herself. April thought she had no special qualities, she was not the prettiest of her friends, not the most talented. She had little ambition, simply planning to go to university because that was what people did. 

Finally when April turned eighteen her mother sat her down and demanded the girl stop feeling sorry for herself. She explained to April that she’d watched her daughter behave like a sheep for too long when the girl was something much more powerful. Her mother explained witchcraft to her, something April had heard of over and over throughout her life but never put too much thought into. “We are more powerful than any of them, and that is why they will not step on us.” Her mother told her. April began to practice witchcraft alongside her mother and threw herself into a much bigger game practicing voodoo under Marie Laveau. She works in Marie’s salon and practices as she can, finding her best abilities in necromancy and conjuring. 

Now April is more than confident, she is proud. She doesn’t want anybody to tell her what she needs to do to be liked, because she is more powerful. She is ready to fight for any fellow witch who may need it, including the witches of Salem. She is not a good friend to non-witches however, as she believes in spending most of her time with her own people. She will be alright with most vampires or werewolves, humans she can not stand.


Marie Laveau - Mentor 
Queenie - Good friend

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