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It’s been nearly three centuries since the Salem Witch trials tore innocent lives apart and even now, in the 21st century, there are those that possess the innate magic who are still threatened by the danger of extinction. A school— Miss Robichaux's Academy— has opened its doors in New Orleans to teach the young witches of our generation the ways of magic and protection. There they are taught how to veil themselves from the elusive hunters and society who would rather see them burned at the stake just like their ancestors than perform magic in relative peace.
With vampires, witches and werewolves banding together to fight the new menace of hunters invading New Orleans, what will the price of peace and freedom be? And who will survive?
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April Castillo - Thirty-three - Voodoo Witch - FC: Zoe Saldana - TAKEN OC

Employment: Hairdresser at Marie Laveau’s Salon


Necromancy, Conjuration 


 April is a confident woman who doesn’t allow any single person to tell her that she shouldn’t be. Though in the beginning April was incredibly quiet, never much standing up for herself or anything for that matter.  Due to a lack of much ability to stand up for herself she was easy to push around and entered many bad relationships because of it which ended out with her on her own and afraid. After spending a lot of her life timid and afraid that all changed when her mother finally told her of their abilities when she was eighteen. Suddenly April’s life was different because she was powerful. She had a list of abilities she could use to defend herself and now she was a new woman. She will let nobody tell her she can’t do anything because she is a powerful voodoo witch and anyone who calls her anything less can and will be proven otherwise. 

Personality Traits: 

+ Brave, Powerful, Able
- Cocky, Cutthroat, Distant


As a child April had never been much of anything. Her mother was a woman of class who spent most of her time out with the other women and left April to her own. Growing up incredibly timid all the witch had ever been taught from her mother was to do whatever you could to make people like you. Every night she would watch her mother wear fake jewels and almost designer clothing to go out with the ladies, dressing much richer than she was to fit in. April decided for herself that she would not try as hard as her mother, she wanted people to like her for who she was, though she wasn’t entirely sure who that was. The young girl realized people liked having a friend who would stay quiet, who would listen while they spoke and lead the way. People wanted to be leaders. So the young witch remained quiet as she hung around with the most pretty girls in school, their silent shadow.
In high school she was taught over and over that nobody likes a girl who is confident, who believes in herself. She forced herself to believe she was imperfect to a point her beliefs became real and the girl learned to hate herself. April thought she had no special qualities, she was not the prettiest of her friends, not the most talented. She had little ambition, simply planning to go to university because that was what people did. 

Finally when April turned eighteen her mother sat her down and demanded the girl stop feeling sorry for herself. She explained to April that she’d watched her daughter behave like a sheep for too long when the girl was something much more powerful. Her mother explained witchcraft to her, something April had heard of over and over throughout her life but never put too much thought into. “We are more powerful than any of them, and that is why they will not step on us.” Her mother told her. April began to practice witchcraft alongside her mother and threw herself into a much bigger game practicing voodoo under Marie Laveau. She works in Marie’s salon and practices as she can, finding her best abilities in necromancy and conjuring. 

Now April is more than confident, she is proud. She doesn’t want anybody to tell her what she needs to do to be liked, because she is more powerful. She is ready to fight for any fellow witch who may need it, including the witches of Salem. She is not a good friend to non-witches however, as she believes in spending most of her time with her own people. She will be alright with most vampires or werewolves, humans she can not stand.


Marie Laveau - Mentor 
Queenie - Good friend

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Dominic Hatter - Twenty-three - Werewolf - FC: Brenton Thwaites - TAKEN

Employment: Apprentice Piercer at Electric Ladyland/Professional Thief 


Depending on where you run into Dominic, he’s two completely different people. At Electric Ladyland, it’s hard to get his concentration away from anything outside of his work. He’s determined to be the best that he can be at what he does because of his innate need to be worthy in other’s eyes. On the street, however, Dominic runs a completely different game. A talented pickpocket, he’s the guy you want to see if you’re ever in need of a cheap Rolex. Anything from drugs to stolen goods, he’s got the best deal in town. He’s charismatic, which makes getting mad at him near impossible when he flashes the nearly irresistible grin. It’d be best not to get on his bad side, though, because he takes what he does— whatever it is— very seriously and when that is threatened by any sense of the word, he can be incredibly focused on revenge. And he’ll always get it. But around people in a normal setting, it’s very hard for him to feel comfortable. Especially in the company of women, he tends to say the wrong thing with good intentions (mostly and usually), and so he tends to act overly sarcastic to make up for it which almost always works in the opposite of his favor.

Personality Traits:

+Quirky, Focused, Charming

-Awkward, Cunning, Sarcastic


Born on the wrong side of the tracks in Cairns, Australia, Dominic knew struggle from the day he was born. He was raised by a single mother who was always more worried about the constant string of men in her life than her own son, so at a very young age, Dominic had to learn how to take care of himself. He was a seasoned pro at running the streets by the time he was seven years old and he learned quickly that a charming smile could get him almost anything he could ever want or need. The other things he couldn’t get simply by asking for them, he would collect with sticky fingers and no one would ever be the wiser. And though it was hard on the streets, especially being so young, Dominic was still able to keep his boyish charms about him. 

By the time he was fourteen years old, he was stealing hundreds of dollars worth of stuff a day and flipping it for twice that. Working on the beach always landed him a good profit from the tourists and locals alike. He was more than able to pay the bills and take care of himself and his mother and even through all of that, she never once told him that she was proud of him which was all he ever wanted from her. Merely a victim of circumstance, a fight with his mom was what had him out in the middle of the night during a full moon. He couldn’t tell you what happened that night, just that there was so much pain and the metallic smell of blood. The weeks the followed are nothing but constant pain in his memories. He had no idea what was happening to him until the change and the next morning, after he saw the dried blood on his hands, he knew he had to leave. He might not have ever gotten the relationship he had so desperately wanted with his mother— or just with anyone, really— but he knew he couldn’t be a threat to her either. So he left her what little money he had left over and a departing note and snuck aboard a fishing boat headed for America.

Without a visa, it was nearly impossible for him to find work, so he continued his pick pocketing, moving around often so that he never got caught and never got too close. He was truly a lone wolf, never interested in the politics of other wolf packs around him, but choosing instead to ignore that part of him as much as he could. When he landed the job as a piercer at Electric Ladyland, he knew he had to put some roots down, at least for a little while. He was no longer used to living life day to day normally, staying in one place as he was always on the move, but the pay was too good and in a city full of tourists, his options were far and wide. He knows that eventually he’ll have to move on, but deep down, all he really wants is to finally find somewhere to belong.


Eddie Parker - Dominic works under Eddie and is constantly working to impress him with his work. The two banter back and forth as they’re both sarcastic and crude. (As well as the others who work there: Nathaniel Blake and Esther Allemand)

Heather Remington - She was once a roommate of his and though she was never able to pay her rent, he still grew to care about her. He considers her to be one of his very close friends.

Astrid Beauchamp - Twenty-four - Witch - FC: Alexandra Daddario - TAKEN

Employment: Apprentice Tattoo Artist at Electric Ladyland Tattoo and Piercing Shop and student Miss Robichaux’s Academy


    Precognition - The ability to see the future that may happen. While the power itself can manifest itself in many ways… through dreams, writing, or painting as examples, it’s never completely set in stone. Many factors may change what the future may hold, regardless of what’s been seen.

Telekinesis - The ability to manipulate objects with one’s mind. Those blessed with telekinetic abilities have the power to move and potentially fully manipulate that which surrounds them. If their mutation is honed, the user may develop the capability to lift and manipulate fellow beings, including themselves. Despite its great advantages, the consequences of poorly trained telekinesis may be dire, and users are often plagued with accidental destruction of that which surrounds them before they properly train their ability. 

Astral Projection - The psychic ability to temporarily release the spirit or “mind-self” from the body, allowing one to roam freely on a vision quest, or enter and exit one’s own body at will. The longer one travels, however, the more potential harm is inflicted upon the body of the one who has left it with no consciousness or thought.


Astrid is a very strong person generally takes things into her own hands, this being a result of having to take care of herself for most of her life. Even though her life wasn’t all sunshine and roses Astrid still manages to be one of those people you feel comfortable telling anything to. She is kind but she is guarded, to many times has she confided in someone and they have betrayed her. 

Personality Traits:

+Charismatic, Clever, Easygoing

-Stubborn, Sarcastic, Short-Tempered


Astrid  grew up in the middle of New York, she was born to Max and Julia Douglas. But Astrid was abandoned at the age of three and lived in one foster home, bouncing from one foster home to another. Most of them were ok for a few weeks, Astrid called it the honeymoon phase of foster families. Because as soon as the phase was over many time the true nature would come out. Astrid had all but given up hope that she would ever find a foster family that truly cared for her, that was until at the age of thirteen she was given to a lady named Katrina Beauchamp who lived in Lafayette Louisiana . A woman that was unable to have any children of her own, and desperately wanted a daughter. She spent many months with Katrina, waiting to see if the honeymoon phase applied with her new foster mom. To her relief Katrina proved to truly care and love her, so when the time came Mrs. Beauchamp decided that she would adopt Astrid and  have her as her daughter. 

As she grew older her new mother taught her many thing from gardening and making home remedies to sketching and painting. Her mother could tell that she was a special about her, but she knew that the day Astrid walked into her living room.  Astrid seemed to have a gift when it came to sketching thing, If it weren’t for Mrs. Katrina she would have never found her passion for tattooing. It was like she could take bits and pieces of people vision and create the perfect picture almost as if she could see exactly what they were seeing. So after high school her mother let her go to a school  where she would learn the tricks of the trade with being a tattoo artist.

 It wasn’t until after she turned eighteen that Astrid knew exactly what gifts she possessed, she could remember having these vivid dream only to have them play out in real life only days after.  She worried about telling her mother about the dreams , terrified that she would think of her as a freak and send her on her way but when she started moving things with out touching them she knew she had to tell her. Mrs. Katrina took it better then expected, letting Astrid know that she still loved her no matter what gifts she harbored. Even those she hated leaving Lafayette, her mother had told her of a school in New Orleans where people like herself could go and learn of their new found abilities. So before she new it she set out for Mississippi, then to Miss. Robichaux’s Academy.


Elijah Turner: As an apprentice tattoo artist she has sat in on many of Nathaniel’s appointments. She sat in on Elijah’s one day and struck up a conversation about the tattoo he was receiving  

Madison Montgomery :  Astrid met Madison her first day at Miss Robichaux Academy, having several classes together the two just seemed to gravitate to one another.

Misty Day: Astrid loves everything about Misty, they way she acts and feels. It’s very similar to her own, besides her mother Misty is one woman Astrid looks up too.

Please add Astrid Beauchamp and welcome her to the Coven…

setting fire to the sky [a cosam mix]

o1. the phoenix - fall out boy [werewolves]
[we are the jack o’ lanterns in july/setting fire to the sky]

o2. amaranth - nightwish [coven witches]
[you believe but what you see/you receive but what you give]

o3. god’s gonna cut you down - arwyn benson [hunters]
[go tell that long tongued liar/go and tell that midnight rider/tell the rambler/the gambler/the backbiter]

o4. make it burn them - skrillex/damian marley [voodoo witches]
[we ablaze the fire/make it burn them]

o5. bela lugosi’s dead - bauhaus [vampires]
[the bats have left the bell tower/the victims have been bled]

o6. burn it to the ground - nickelback [werewolves]
[we got no fear/no doubt/all in/balls out.]

o7. girl’s school - rasputina [coven witches]
[the new girls are tender/the old ones sadistic]

o8. hand of sorrow - within temptation [hunters]
[to watch you/to shield you/or kill on demand]

o9. kill the lights - the birthday massacre [vampires]
[we kill the lights/and put on a show/it’s all a lie/but you’d never know]

1o. run this town - jay z ft. rhianna [voodoo witches]
[you feelin’ like you run it huh/now you know how we feel]

It’s been nearly a year! Enjoy some great tunes and keep watching for our year anniversary events!

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